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Seeds of Change


Alex Knightley

1st Assistant Director | Producer

Alex Knightley

I love the art of storytelling. There are many ways to do so. Whether it’s done orally, written, or even visually, it can touch on the hearts on whoever is viewing it. Filmmaking is one of the ways of storytelling that I have been driven to. I love to see the different steps and components it takes to create a story. I also love working with the many different talents people brought together to create the story as well. We all come from different backgrounds to work together as
a team.

In filmmaking, my avenue is 1st Assistant Director. Since we work together as a team, my job is to make sure that every team member has what they need to do their job. I make sure that we stay on track, on time, and to help and solve problems if they arise. There are structures to storytelling, and I believe my job is to help in keeping the structure together.

How Racism Has Impacted Me

Racism is the most common yet difficult thing to talk about here in America. It is ingrained in our
history and every day lives, yet sometimes when it is brought up, people want to stay clear of it.

Racism has impacted me to a point where I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I know
growing up there were times where I struggled with knowing who I am, how I looked, and how I
spoke. I had to switch modes and act a certain way with certain people, so at the end of the day
I was left with so many masks I didn’t know who I was. Since I can remember this leaves me to
believe that I have to work twice as hard as others, and act a certain way just for the chance to
be seen


    In this country American means white.  Everybody else has to hyphenate.

                                                                                                     -Toni Morrison
                                                                                                       American novelist & Nobel Prize Winner


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